Smart PHP Website Development

What is Smarty?

Smarty is a PHP based template framework. It will help the designers and developers to separate their logic & allow them to play their role equally. In a simple work, it will separate your business logic from the visualization, by hiding as much as PHP code from your views.

Why Smarty?

Using special Smarty Tags within a document, Smarty will generate a web content. Similarly, using special smarty Tags PHP programmer can define custom functions. Smarty is simply allowing the front-end web page to change separately from its back-end. So that this lowers the costs and reduces the efforts with relating to software maintenance.

Advantages of Smarty:

  • MVC structured code
  • Attractive URLs
  • Maintain the coding standard
  • Faster coding
  • Quick and easy available assistance
  • Can integrated third-party libraries
  • Flexible framework and tool for PHP

Weblogico is working with Smarty PHP development for many years to provide service to their end users with the experienced offshore Smarty developer. Plenty of Smarty projects have been delivered by Weblogico. Write an email [email protected] or you can also Request for a Quote for more discussion about website development, smarty PHP development service.

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